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We promise that the ads, campaigns, web pages and sales promotion material is planned specifically for your company’s purposes. Our material is easy to understand and use – they convey your message to your potential customers.

There is nothing mystic with our products – they are simply marketing communications tailored for your needs. The goal is to make more business to you! Moreover, the software solutions from our partners help you to meet your targets.

We promise to be on your side and help you – while you can concentrate doing what you love: providing excellent services and products to your customers.

You are never alone, when you work with us.

mika salminen

Mika Salminen


Entrepreneur and freelancer in the graphic advertising industry since 2007. Prior to her entrepreneurial work in the graphic industry, about seven years of business development project experience and project management of EU-funded projects.

Mika's special gift is visuals. The man is throwing great visions both online and in print!

Also Wix website partner.

In his freeetime Mika gets off to nature  trekking or sails on Baltic Sea: Instagram

Markku (Lippa) Lindström


Lipa's CV is mind-boggling. A few years ago, the man reinvented himself, and returned to things where experience and expertise are top notch.

Markku is currently writing. Whether it's marketing communications, sports stories or portraits, Markku unleashes emotions and purchasing decisions in the reader.

In his free time, Markku thinks about things for himself, fights with dogs and - surprise surprise - watches sports.

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markku lindstrom
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